White is the most pleasing color of all the ones. And White flowering plants are the most soothing among the flowering plants in a garden. Apart from the natural glow that they emanate, they blend well with any type of decor or design in the balcony or the garden.

Talking about the aromatic plants, you all must be well aware of this gorgeous white beauty in the garden. This tender flower is elegant and is blessed with a very fine fragrance, making it highly popular among garden lovers.

Yes, it is the Sontakka plant. Let’s find out more about this fascinating flowering plant in this post.

Origin and History

This white wonder of your garden has many names in different parts of India. Commonly known as White Garland Lily or White Ginger Lily, it is called Sontakka in Marathi. It is Dolan Champa in Bengali, Surulu Sugandhi in Kannada, Kalyana Sauganthikam in Malayalam, and Takhellei Angouba in Manipuri.

It is the national flower of Cuba. In the Philippines, it is called Camia and is commonly worn by women as garlands. Camila means ‘butterflies’ in Filipinos, a name given to these flowers as they resemble a butterfly. No doubt, the wonderful fragrance of this flower is in high demand in many parts of the world and is used to manufacture perfumes, scented soaps, and souvenirs.

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