Top 5 Manufacturing Cost Estimating Software In 2020

cost estimation software

Cost for manufacturing involves complex calculations that cannot be done easily without using manufacturing cost estimation software to identify the cost drivers in the products they design, manufacture, and procure.

This information is used to look for design alternatives and methods of manufacture that will help to reduce the manufacturing cost without affecting the quality fo the product and yield higher profit margins.

Best Cost Estimating Software For Manufacturing:


Easykost is a product cost estimation software specializing in cost estimation and cost modeling, using artificial intelligence algorithms. Our machine learning based costing software automates the costing processes and accelerates the time to market on new products, while providing greater accuracy thanks to the power of our algorithms and data enrichment. Our simulation and datamining functionalities, coupled with benchmarks, allow you to quickly identify cost optimization opportunities on your product portfolios or purchasing categories by proposing renegotiation, sourcing optimization or Value Engineering options.

Very easy to use, and having a very ergonomic user interface, EasyKost costing software can be easily deployed within Costing, Purchasing or R&D teams.

EasyKost product cost management software can be used for costing industrial products, investments (installations, buildings, etc.) or services.

2.MTI Systems | Costimator®

Costimator Cost Estimating Software is database driven, allowing you to store, access and retrieve all of your information related to cost estimating in a single, yet sharable, location. Centralizing your data allows all estimators to quickly access and utilize the same information, drastically increasing the speed and consistency of the cost estimating process.


  • Generate quick quotes with a single mouse click
  • Fax or email quotes directly from your workstation to get the estimate in the customer’s hand as soon as possible
  • View detailed information on costs for materials, labor, overhead, and more so you can analyze the profitability of specific jobs
  • Quickly recall data for similar jobs so you can benchmark estimates for materials and labor
  • Review all of your past estimates so you can see which ones closed and which didn’t, and use that information to strengthen your sales cycle
  • Customize efficiency rates, scrap percentages, and other variables by workstation or machine to calculate the most precise estimate possible
  • Allocate materials during estimating to keep your inventory accurate in real time


3D CAD Design Software | SOLIDWORKS. Save time and development costs, avoid redesigns, and increase productivity by continuously checking your designs against cost targets with automated manufacturing cost estimation tools fully integrated with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software.


Design for Manufacturability (DFM) and Design to Cost (DTC) software enables manufacturers to quickly identify and eliminate features in your digital twin model that are expensive or impossible to manufacture. Linking your digital twin CAD model with our digital factory allows designers and engineers to simulate the manufacturing process in real time. Eliminating manufacturability issues early in the design lifecycle ultimately helps customers improve profitability of their new product innovations and accelerate time to market.

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